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Friends of the Rozmberk Society - Czech Friends.

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If you want to have research done on your South Bohemian ancestors, please visit the website of Olga Cerna or visit her genealogy website at


Rozmberk Society, Czech Republic

Information in English about the Czech Rozmberk Society you can find on their website under


More information about their activities and about interesting information for visitor to rural South Bohemia an also be found on their second website


Oxford Junction, Iowa

Information about the this little town in Iowa, home and passing point of many Czech settler families, and seat of the Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc.


City of Oxford Junction website.

Wregie Memorial Library of Oxford Junction.

Heritage Museum on the history of Oxford Junction.

Oxford Junction genealogy page




Below are links to other websites, organizations, and people interested in everything related to Czech history, immigrant history, genealogy, and heritage travel.


Genealogical Societies in the USA


Czechoslovak Genealogical Society Internation. One of the main organizations on Czech genealogy.


Czech & Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois. Basically, the Chicago Czechs with lots of information about Czechs that landed, stayed, or passed through Chicago, the last big town and harbor on the east eadge of the prairie states.


Heritage travel and genealogy tours

Weber Travel organizes tours to the Czech Republic with a strong emphasis on Czech heritage and genealogy. On several occasion, special tours were organized for groups of like-wise interested people visiting the Old Country and looking for their ancestral roots. Worth a try if you plan to come over and don't want the hassel. as they say, the next best thing to independent travel – with out the headaches....also organizes special Czech heritage and genealogy tours to the Czech Republic. Check also their other Czech and Slovak Heritage pages


Genealogy websites focusing on specific families or villages

Small Towns. This is the site were it all began. The website telling about the eastern South Bohemian roots of many of the Oxford Junction, Iowa inhabitants. These contacts lead to the sister city partnership between Oxford Junction, Iowa, and Jilovice, Czech Republic, and ultimately to establishing the Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc.


Oxford Junction Genealogy page



Emigration - Immigration - Settler's history websites The website of the European Union multi-country project EMILE: Early Emigrant Letter Stories.


The Homestead National Monument of America is located in southeastern Nebraska, close to the town of Beatrice on State Higway 4. Their website provindes interesting information on the Homestead Act and the settlers who followed the Homestead Act in settling on the Great Plains. The site also provides a virtual tour of the park. If your ancestors arrived in New York before 1892, they did not came through Ellis Island (as many think) but through Castle Garden. Build as a small island fortification just off Manhattan Island, this building functioned as US Immigration Center from 1855 till 1892. Today, the place is inlanded into Battery Park and preserved as Castle Clinton National Monument. CastleGarde.Org has a large free inline database on immigration and immigrants. The new immigration center on Ellis Island was functional between 1892 and 1954, although since 1924 it functioned only as a place of detention for problem cases. Today, Ellis Island Immigration Museum is a historic landmark and a must when visiting new York. It's online databases help many later immigrants to find a trace of their ancestors entering into the USA.


Leo Baca's website - the Czech Immigration Passenger Lists and much more. One man's life work in a collection of 10 volumes of passenger lists.


Germans to America Passenger Lists from German ports which includes many Czechs, sometimes with Germanized surnames. Click on Emigration.


Ulster American Folk Park. A large thematic and educational park - open air museum well worth a virtual or real visit. The museum tells the story of emigration from Ulster (Northern Ireland) to America in the 18th & 19th centuries and provides visitors with a "living history" experience on its outdoor site. Costumed demonstrators go about their everyday tasks in the traditional manner in authentically furnished Old and New World buildings.


The Ship and Dockside Gallery features a full-size reconstruction of an early 19th century sailing ship of the type which carried thousands of emigrants across the Atlantic and a major indoor exhibition "Emigrants" complements the outdoor site. The Centre for Migration Studies can assist those who wish to find out more about emigration history and the way of life of emigrants and settlers.


Czech Heritage


Sykora Bakery in Czech Village, Cedar Rapids, IA. Good place for a cup of coffee and some good orignal Czech breads or kolaceks. The bakery is now being "restored back" to its more original state.

And some other links worth knowing


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